No need for violance


As part of the Prodeste Foundation’s activities, we run a lot of training throughout the country. There are always questions about methods and techniques designed to make people with autism „behave” like everyone else around.

We reply each time that it is impossible. People in the spectrum are developing differently. They show their emotions in other ways, they communicate differently, they behave differently. They are the same people as everyone – with identical needs, emotions, great sensitivity and the desire to live happily.

The conference „Autism Without Violence” is the first opportunity in Poland to see that one can work together without trying to force anyone to be different than to be real.

This is a unique two days during which we will show the best support and inclusion patterns rather than care and modification.

If you are a person from the spectrum – come, listen – how people around the world deal with the neurotipical majority.

If you are a member of the family of the spectrum – come and see that you can wisely support and live happily with the spectator.

If you are a specialist – do not opt ​​out of this conference. You have a unique opportunity to learn how to apply a cognitive-developmental model in your work, to meet people who speak openly to help them function and develop their skills based on the latest world achievements in psychology and pedagogy.

Especially for you we invited the best speakers of the Congress of Autism – Europe, which took place in September 2016 in Edinburgh. We invited the originators of the most interesting national trends.

Especially for you – we organized the International Conference „Autism without Violence”. See you in Wroclaw, June 10-11, 2017, in Centennial Hall.

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