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New ways of working with people on the autism spectrum

There are many innovative ways to interact with the autistic people and their surroundings. We believe that you will find a solution that uniquely fits your needs.



Frequently, people on the autism spectrum are treated as passive recipients of the activities offered to persons with disabilities, whether it be therapy, education, or social assistance.
One of the key symptoms of autism is the difficulty in using imaginary and symbolic thinking. There is a social assumption that fails to recognise people with autism as potential artists and creatives. We want to change that.


I am not an alien

z ksiazki

"The book, 'I am not an alien', should be a compulsory reading for all who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, especially young people.

There was a time when I, too, wanted to be a neurotypical person. After many years, I understood that the real reason behind this thinking was my desire to be accepted. Now I realize that both myself and my autistic self are quite alright. People with autism spectrum disorders should be taught to have this self-affirming mindset from their early childhood."

Katja Schrödinger


People or autism?

z ksiazki

Review of the Autism Europe 2016 Conference in Edinburgh, Europe.
We are pleased that majority of the conference speakers share our thinking about the autism spectrum that we are promoting in Poland. This shows that there is a clear trend throughout Europe and the world that no longer perceives the autistic people as subjects of environmental influences, but rather sees the need to accept the spectrum as a specific nuerological development.


Our support approach goes beyond clinical treatment. The Foundation's specialists are also helping where they are needed - at home, school, social gatherings, as well as the Internet.

Our workshops are designed for professionals, teachers and everyone that interacts with people with on the autism spectrum. If necessary, we organise on-site training, as well as open to public sessions.

We offer summer and winter family holidays, outings for adults with ASD, as well as child and youth camps. We also run weekend events and green schools. These events are staffed by experienced autism therapists who are adept at handling real life situations.

We organise activities where people with autism can actively participate in cultural and science-based events.

Autism is not an illness.

You can enjoy life to the full!

We teach how to better understand and relate to people from autism spectrum, and educate about the process of neurotypical development. We are not looking for miraculous medical cures. The best way to improve the quality of life is to walk in other person's shoes in order to understand what they face. We want to transcend barriers to create a source of new, useful and applicable knowledge base about the autistic experience.