School Camps

School Camps

Participation of ASD students in so called "Zielone Szkoły" (School Camps) organised by every educational institution - stands very often in doubt. Lack of sufficient staff, the need of individual support of pupil in trips - it is a common cause of exclusion from such events.

Prodeste Foundation organises educational tours for spectrum kids and teens since many years. We had people from whole country and even from abroad on those hikes. Now it is time to cooperate with schools.

We address this offer to those institutions, that are interested in binding idea of school camps with training their teachers. We'll organise a tour for you, during which our specialists will help ASD students and on evenings - will work with teachers in friendly and cameral atmosphere of theme courses.

School Camps Propositions - coming soon on our website!

Institutions interested in cooperation can contact us at: