The idea of organizing first summer camps for ASD kids was a result of many-years experiences, coming from rehabilitation tours. We've been observing more and more children, for whom summer trips would give a chance to use social and communicational skills in natural circumstances. We recognize individual features of every participant during holiday trips - from developmental characteristics to personality and interests. Every member can use a help from therapists, instructors and tutors. Taking part in holiday camps gives occasion to improve one's self-sufficiency, independent thinking and decision making. Very important aspect of summer camps is broad touristical and educational offer. Kids and adolescents have opportunity to discover beautiful lands and nurture their passions and hobbies during theme classes.

We invite school-aged kids and teens on many different levels of functioning. Only requirements are basic self-service ability and graduation of or education started in primary school.

We started to coorganize rehabilitation tours since 2009. There were over 300 of people diagnosed with developmental disorders who used our therapies and recreation. At that time we had an idea of organizing our own events. Winter camp was the first step. In 2013 in Jarnołtówek we grouped together with a small pack of attendees - a few families. A meeting was succesfull, so we decided to continue this. In 2014 there was another winter camp, but now for much more children aged from 2 to 12 years.

On summer 14' we autonomously conducted three tours. Prodeste was penned into the record of disabled people's recreation organisers, so our participants can get PFRON financial support.

Since 2014 we organise summer and winter events, a broad recreational-therapeutical offer. Every year it is our crucial concern, to include in our tour programs activities meeting the expectations of people of many different ages and levels of functioning.

Many years of experience in managing holidays for ASD kids and adolescents inspired us to conduct brief, weekend trips for those of them with severe developmental difficulties.

Partakers gathered together in bands will gain the opportunity to enjoy recreational and educational attractions, while improving their relations, self awareness, communication and self reliance with help of qualified therapists.

It appears that there are lots of people eager to wander and commune with nature. So far we conducted several mountain hikes of many levels of advancement - from treks for young and beginners to challenging expeditions. Foot travelling and camping is a perfect opportunity to develop one's independence and making new friendships, using one's sociocommunicational competences and getting open to the beauty of nature and a beauty of world around. You should also keep in mind that we always include individual needs of every person aboard and make sure to have optimal size of groups. Every trip, every journey takes place under the watchfull eye of experienced staff - mountain pathfinders, trainers, therapists and caretakers.

Summer ends quickly, and so do summer holidays. Time comes for school and other duties... Everyone's looking forward to winter break, to take a fresh grip and recover for the next semester. To make this time more attractive we decided to run a winter camp - autonomous trip for kids and teens, analogical to summer camps in terms of approach and foundations. We are organising a number of winter camps, so participators from every corner of Poland have opportunity to go, when there is winter break in their voivodeship. In 2014-2015 there were winter camps in Żelazko and Podlesice. Due to duration of the event, which is shorter than in summer time, it is a remarkable occasion for "debutants" to challenge their skills of "surviving" away from home. During the holidays participants  will be able to improve their widely understood self-reliance and enjoy broad touristical and educational-cultural offer, like taking part in theme courses and interesting hikes.

Both children and teens on many functioning levels are welcome. The only conditions are basic ability of self-service and attending school (primary at least).

The idea of independently driven holiday break for ASD adults evolved spontaneously from concept of summer camps for youth. First Aces For Holidays took place in Rabka, 2015. For most of vacationists it was the very first holidays spent without family.

Main principle of it was the claim, that everyone has a right to decide, what to do. All were equal and treated like adult people should be. Everyone had to follow the same rules, even the staff.
During the trip participants have a chance to train their self-sufficiency skills and learn responsibility for themselves and for each other. What's more, they'll surely find many interesting attractions and theme courses in the offer.
"Aces For Holidays" give ASD people a chance for independence during vacations, regardless of their levels of functioning, even for those with intelectual disability or severe communication handicap.


We address this offer to educational instinutions with ASD students. We'd like to share our many-years experience in particular, natural situations. Hence, our qualified therapists will be glad to serve you during school camps - supporting your teachers both at naturally appearing daily issues and planned challenges, like courses. It's an extraordinary opportunity - at one hand we guarantee awesome experiences for children, at the other hand we give teachers occasion to gain new, special skills in terms of working with ASD pupils.

Daily life of ASD person and his family is a cumulation of duties and everyday issues, often additionally combined with therapeutical sessions. While dealing with problems and trying to cope with everyday difficulties, there's little time for rest and forging relationships between family members.

We welcome youth of whole spectrum and their fathers, grandfathers, uncles for weekend rides to charming places of Poland. Basis of these trips are: recreation, good fun, being true to one's self... Everyone, both young and old, can rely on support of our specialists and friendly atmosphere in small group.