Cultural Events

Cultural Events

OutFilm - Poland-wide Exhibition of Cinematography made by ASD people.

When it comes to public space, autistic people are viewed as passive receivers of neurotypical people's actions: therapy, education, social assistance. Due to specific characteristics of their development, one of which are difficulties with imaginative and symbolic thought, theye're not perceive as potential artist and creative people.

We want to change it.

Out Film is:

  • an occasion to present recognised by international audience cinematography, in which ASD people are engaged;
  • review of amateur movie arts created by ASD people;
  • meetings between amateur artists and proffesionals;
  • the very first chance for Poland for a debate on creative potential of ASD people.

Science And Arts Academy - holiday camps and courses

We created it and keep it running since many years - the only one and one alone in Europe offer to autistic people. It combines cultural and artistic education and personal development support. All our actions within this project turned out to be huge success. In our summer and winter camps there were about 100 ASD people participating.

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ASD friendly museum

Cultural and educational offer of museum is a vast resource of knowledge and often quite interesting invitement to explore world's history. We acknowledge this a real loss, that ASD people have restricted acces to it. That's why we cooperate with museums in whole country for more than a year, to prepare educators and other employees to engage in new challenges.