“I am not an alien. I have Asperger Syndrome” book

"I am not an alien. I have Asperger Syndrome" book

okladka sote sssmallThis book is adresssed to people with Asperger's Syndrome and those from their surroundings: family, teachers, therapists...

"Who am I?", "Why is it so difficult to get along with this world?", "Why am I not understood nor accepted by others?" - did you ever asked yourself these questions? Let's try to find answers for them together. They are in you, nobody else know it and nobody can solve your problems, because nobody know anything about you. Nobody has right to do anything with your life, but you. Your past and your future belongs to you.

I wrote this book, because I have similar experiences to yours, so that I can help you. It is well known to me, how important to people with Asperger's is knowing how to avoid situations, that make them suffer. Maybe it will be you, who will achieve succes and happiness without the pain that was and still is a part of lives of many adult people with developmental disorders. I want to share my knowledge and thoughts with you, to help you better understand - mainly yourself - but also other people, surrounding you and their reactions on what you say, what you do and what you are. I hope that my advices will turn out to be useful and make you life quite easier.

Joanna Ławicka - doctor of social sciences, special pedagogue, cofounder of Prodeste Foundation in Opole, CEO since 2012. Author of several scientific and popularizing publications and educational computer games within cooperation with PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers). Privately - a woman with passion, acting for tourism and culture development, rising three daughters. Diagnosed with Asperger's since 28th year of life.

Search answers for questions worth to answer, whoever you are and whatever you are alike...

Find sources of your strength and find out...

  • What are developmental sources of diversity among humans.
  • How to understand social world.
  • What is sensory otherness and how to deal with it and use it as a mean to your goals.
  • Why humanity is an interesting phenomenon and what does it mean to a human.
  • How to engage specialists in helping you or... refuse to them.
  • How to improve one's own social thought and how to better one's own future.

More informations about a book and project you will find on site: nie-kosmita.pl

You can buy a book in paper or electronic version (PDF) on site Nie jestem kosmitą or on platform allegro

„[...] A book "I am not an alien" doesn't show the ways, but exposes their existence. For me it serves as a guide, map, atlas, a key to a mind. Journey, which is obviously life, will not be easier, but will gain a deeper meaning, thanks to this book. […] I regret, that I wasn't given the opportunity to find such a book in the past. Much of my pain would be avoided and I would act quicker, whilst for many years I stood still or went where somonene else pushed me. Many beautiful sights missed me, but I'm not an alien, though, I'm not flying anywhere, so I have much time to recover wasted years and enjoy this world, which I am surely a part of. [...]”.

Krystian Głuszko – writer, poet, succesful husband and father of little Maggie. Diagnosed with Asperger's when 25 years old.

„As a person with Asperger syndrome, I think that this is really good book. I would send it to myself from days, when I was younger, if it were possible. Informations contained in this book would help me to avoid some particular mistakes I made. I recommend this book Asperger's kids' parents, so that they would necessarily pass it to their children. It seems to me, that all Asperger's adults would find this book valuable."

Marek Stankiewicz – field biologist by vocation, photographer by passion. Author of "photography & asperger" blog. Diagnosed with Asperger's in 2010.

„'Im am not an alien' is a must-have for all people diagnosed with Asperger's, especially those entering an adult life.
Once upon a time I wanted to be neurotypical. After many those years I realised, that it was a desire of being accepted hidden behind this. Now I know - we are absolutely OK - me and my autistic brain. People with ASD should be taught this approach to themselves from the very early childhood.
This book does not try to rearrange anybody to a man, who's development followed a typical way. Neither there is any continuous driving into the feelings of guilt of one's oddness or recurring phrase "you have to change". People do change in time, anyway. It's completely natural and refers to ASD people as well. Unnatural is compulsion of playing normal against oneself, only to satisfy other people's expectations. Both ASD people and those around them have to learn this. It is pointless to waste your life on constant fight.
I am not an alien is one of the few books, that present Asperger syndrome not as an illness and suffering, but as an otherness. From this publication a young person will find that he's not bad or damaged - he's just different. He will also get to know, that he deserves respect from other people including therapists too. Treating adolescent and adult ASD men and women as kids of little understanding is widespread. I'm happy that someone finally wrote about this. I'll get even happier, when one of these "everlasting children" will protest against such treatment.
This book can used as a excercise book for better self-awareness, as well. Many of ASD people avoid self-reflection, as they prefer to turn their attention to their hobbies. Whereas knowing one's self is crucial for effective functioning in society. What am I? How do I perceive reality? What are my relationships with other people? What is important to me? What are my life goals? You can answer to all those questions using tables placed in each sections. As an adult with Aperger's I really appreciate tables and clear questions. They are much better than cumulated text from which you have to conclude... huh, what exactly?
Common flaw of many psychological  guide is that they are full of content which is completely meaningless. After reading them we are as blank as before. Content here is specific, clear and encouraging to think. It explaines many human behaviours too. But firstly, it encourages self acceptance. This is what we lack in "autistic surrounding". And it important to speak out loud about this, especially people concerned, autists themselves. That's why I hope that "I Am Not An Alien" is but a very beginning of polish book series written by people diagnosed with ASD.

Katja Schrödinger – informatician, autor of "Cat's World Of ASD" blog dedicated to life of aspergeric person. Author of a game project AUSI (Autism Simulator). Diagnosed with ASD at 4th year of life.