Asy na wczasy

Asy Na Wczasy (holiday trips)

In our first project "Asy Na Wczasy"* we had 10 adults with Asperger's Syndrome aged between 18 and 35 years. Half of them were aspergeric people, mostly highly functioning, for whom this tour was their first occasion to spend holidays without parents or fosters. The second half was composed of autists with various level of functioning, those with conjugate dissabilities or lacking ability to speak among them. One of the important principles of this trip was the claim, that everyone has a right to decide what he wants to do. Organisators were obliged to follow the same rules as participants - all of them were just a pack of folks gathered together on a holiday. Whoever wanted, went to cinema or rope park, or on walk. Whoever didn't feel like taking part of such activities, stayed back at the hotel or spent time in a café with friends or alone, eating pizza, or even drinking... beer! Well, that's what ordinary adult's holidays mean to be.

Another "Asy Na Wczasy" - according to the same basis, we organised in Zakopane. This time we went with group of 13 ASD adults. Besides lots of adventurous hikes in Tatra mountains, we participated in cultural life of the city - we visited cinema and Witkacy's theater, went on many concerts with... dances. We also spent time on swimming in the aquapark, took a tour in a horse carriage - everybody could use any attractions in the Tatra's capital. Meantime, we led personal coaching and had some time for group courses, in which we explored arcanes of our thinking and sensing processes.


*"As" in polish means "ace". Polish aspies often call themselves "asy", deriving it from AS (Asperger Syndrome). "Asy na wczasy" could be translated both as "Aces for holidays" and "Aspies for holidays", as it is a game of words. Something like "per aspergera ad astra".