Autism without Violance International Conference


Every day, in the privacy of offices, school hallways, and even the four walls of home, thousands of people with autism spectrum experience discrimination and violence, often justified by alleged therapeutic needs. In collaboration with leading representatives of the international community, we want to show that this may not and must not happen. You can not traumatize people with spectrum in the name of therapy.

It is extremely important to show existing alternatives! 


We invited a number of important speakers from abroad and Poland. We intend jointly to debate the possibilities of effective support of the people with autism spectrum and their environment - in a dignified manner, with respect for human rights.

During the conference we will discuss very important issues. We will present the latest world-class ways of working with "difficult behaviors" - showing that the behavior is ONLY behavior. A difficulty lies in an effective aid to man rather than behavior. We'll talk about sexuality - a taboo topic, the area in which it is not hard to find ongoing violence and discrimination. And about  harmful stereotypes, leading to social depersonalization of people with autism. We will show experiences from around the world that we can and should take care of a positive relationship between the environment and human with autism spectrum. We shall prove that discrimination and violence are present in our space, but also - that there is a real alternative.

We can support without hurting.

For Whom?

We invite everyone interested in an innovative approach to the subject of autism: persons with autism spectrum, families, educators, psychologists, students, speech therapists, physiotherapists, SI therapists, medical professionals, AAC specialists, therapists...

We will present examples of global capabilities to support people from the spectrum, without violence and coercion but efficent and with full respect for human dignity. Let's start a debate on the nature of the therapeutic needs and the social life of people with autism spectrum.

We also invite all dealing with issues of violence. We will show that in our country every day, violence against persons with autism spectrum. We need support environments on a daily basis dealing with discrimination and violence. We would like to seek common strategic, systemic solutions that prevent further human rights violations against the people with autism.


Po polsku

Galery of conferences


The conference will be conducted in Polish and English. The full two-way simultaneous translation will be available to the participants.


The conference will take place in Wrocław Congress Center in beautiful complex of Centennial Hall - Gem Of Wrocław’s Modernism a part of UNESCO World Heritage

Framework Conference Program

Saturday, 10th June 2017

8.30 - Registration of participants

9.30 - Inaugural opening of the conference, inaugural lecture by Dr. Joanna Ławicka "Living in the spectrum of autism - the struggle for survival or the possibility of social inclusion"

10.00 - Panel I "Therapy Without Violence"
This panel is dedicated to showing the diversity of approaches to the treatment of people with spectrum, with respect for dignity, with the goal of social inclusion. We will show you how much you can help without violence and coercion.

prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Sekułowicz
Special Pedagogue - professor of social sciences from Lower Silesian College in Wroclaw. He conducts research on the burnout syndrome in parents of people with autism spectrum.
Bo Helskov - Eleven
Swedish psychologist, teacher and trainer from Sweden. At the center of his interest is management of behavior at all ages and within wide clinical recognition. The author of the book, "Without Fighting, Without Biting, Without Shout: How to Manage Positively Behavior Among People with Autism and More"
lek. med. Ewa Dobiała
A physician, psychiatrist, certified psychotherapist, and SNP PTP superconductor. An environmental therapist, certified psychotherapist, and trainer in Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy.
dr Renata Stefańska - Klar
Psychologist, diagnostician and counselor, senior lecturer at Silesian University.

13.30 - 14.30 BREAK

14.30 Panel II "Man with the spectrum in the society"
The panel will feature self-advocates from around the world. They will present their work on preventing discrimination and involving people in the mainstream of social life.

dr Damian Milton - UK
Social Science Doctor, member of the Scientific Committee and Advisory Committee on Autism Research. He was diagnosed Asperger's syndrome at age 36. Academic lecturer in sociology, philosophy, psychology and pedagogy. He has a son with autism.
Martijn Dekker - Holland
42-year-old father of three children, a person with autism. ASD was diagnosed in 1995 when he was 21 years old, after two decades of feeling different, without knowing why. The founder of the international support network for people with autism called InLv, the organizer of the international self-advocacy conference "Autscape"
Heta Pukki - Finland
Biologist, University of Helsinki, MS in Special Education. NGOs Activist, coordinator of projects related to education of children with spectrum in Europe. She has diagnosed Asperger's syndrome.
Jan-Mikael Fredriksson - Finland
He studied psychology at the University of Helsinki. In the years 2007-2013 he worked within the framework of the National Empowerment Program. In the years 2015-2016 Jan worked in the EU project "Autism & Uni", participating in the development of co-management practices, in the context of the design of the information page addressed to students from the spectrum

18.00 - 19.00 Panel discussion with Polish and foreign self-advocates

Sunday, 11th June 2017

9.00 - Opening, introductory lecture on anti-discrimination.

9.30 - Panel III "Building a favorable environment for a person with autism as tackling social exclusion"
The panel's theme will be devoted to the inclusion of people from the spectrum into mainstream society.

mgr Paweł Jóźwiak-Rodan
Polish writer, director, screenwriter and film producer. During the first OutFilm Festival he conducted workshops for people with spectrum about creating documentary films.
mgr Ula Ratajczak
Special pedagogue, speech therapist, polish philologist. An originator and coordinator of the first OutFilm Autism Spectrum Film Festival in Europe. Within the Festival, dozens of film productions of people with autism were presented, and during the accompanying events there were art exhibitions and meetings with artists with the spectrum.
mgr Dorota Listowska
Special education teacher, mother of Batrek with Asperger's syndrome, co-founder of the "Man, not the alien" Foundation in Zawiercie, organizer of activities to involve children and youth with spectrum in diverse social activities. At present, the Foundation brings together over 20 families from Zawiercie and its surroundings.
mgr Dorota Zawadzka
Developmental psychologist and family counselor. In a long-term lecturer in the chair of Developmental Psychology and then Educational Psychology at the Department of Psychology at the University of Warsaw.
dr Agnieszka Kossowska
Doctor of Humanities, linguist, lecturer at the Opole Polytechnic, germanist, sign language teacher, author of the book "Big Things in Small Heads", mother of Frank with autism spectrum with conjugated disability.
mgr Jakub Dyda
Educated historian and educator. For many years he has been professionally involved in the organization of events for autism spectrum tourists, and runs a professional ski school for them. Mountaineer of origin and conviction.

13.00 - 13.30 BREAK

mgr Aleksandra Oszczęda
Special pedagogue, music therapist. In the years 2016-2017 she coordinator the Prodeste Foundation's program "Friendly Museum for Person With Autism". Within the framework of the project there were prepared more than 20 museums across Poland for work with people with spectrum.
mgr Katarzyna Mądrzycka - Adamczyk
The artist, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, deals with painting, drawing, sculpture and fabric, most often mixing these techniques by creating a collage - her favorite means of creative expression. She conducted museum lessons for people with autism spectrum, as part of the Frendly Museum for People With Autism program in Łódź.
mgr Renata Werpachowska, mgr Anna Szostak
Specialists of Synapsis Foundation for environmental work, social inclusion of people with spectrum
dr Bożena Chrostowska
An assistant professor in the Department of Social Pedagogy at UWM, the mother of an adult Kacper with Asperger's syndrome, the author of the story "Several Pictures of the Life of Mr. Ka", which won the nationwide literary contest "The World Needs Minds of All Kinds".
lek. med. Ewa Dobiała
A physician, psychiatrist, certified psychotherapist, and SNP PTP supervisor. Environmental therapy specialist, certified psychotherapist and coach of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy.

17.00 Closing, discussion...

Internetional speakers

Martijn Dekker


Self - advocat, he is a 42-year-old autistic father tree, which divides his life betweeen the Netherlands and the UK. ASD was diagnosed in 1995 at age 21, after two decades of being different, without knowing why. He ran an international network of support for people with autism called InLv which has been cited in the "Neurotribes" Stephen Silberman (2016). Between 1990 and 2000z was a regular on the conference circuit autism says. In 2006 and 2016 he served on the board and committee Autscape, in view of the conference in the UK for people with autism. Two decades of experience working with, living and loving neighbor autistic people gave him a view on stereotypes about ASD.

Damian Milton


Self-advocat - doctor of Social Sciences, a member of the Scientific Committee and the Advisory Committee on Autism Research. He work for the National Autistic Society Autism as head of knowledge and experience, in addition to Dr. Judith Brown. He keep a number of academic subjects: sociology, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy and have years of experience as a teacher of both Fe and beyond. His interest in autism started when his son was diagnosed in 2005 as autism at the age of two years. He was also diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2009 at the age of thirty-six.

Bo Hejlskov Elvén


Swedish psychologist, lecturer and trainer based in Sweden. He work centers on managing behaviour than challengrs across age and diagnostic boundaries. Author of books „No Fighting, No Biting, No Screaming: How to Make Behaving Positively Possible for People with Autism and Other…”. He says: „I work on the basis of everyone's right to exist on their own terms, and environmental responsibility to create the conditions for this. We can minimize the violence and self-harm by changing working methods. Only by assuming that everyone has the right to say no, so we can get real. Then we use all methods that help people to say yes. Everyone has the right to a good life.”

Heta Pukki


Self-advocat, biology, M.Sc. from Helsinki Uni, and special education (emphasis on autistic adults), M.Ed. from the University of Birmingham, UK. Her recent work experience includes working for two years, 2014-2016, in the Autism&Uni project, an EU-funded venture that was supposed to map the needs of autistic university students in five countries, and to develop interactive materials to support them - project's 'Best Practice Guides'. She was part of the group that set up the first Autscape conference, which is now an established and highly valued part of the British autistic community.

Jan-Mikael Fredriksson


Jan-Mikael Fredriksson is the vice-chair of Suomen Aspergeryhdistys, the Finnish association for adults on the autism spectrum, and a long-term member of the National Disability Council in Finland. He has studied psychology in the University of Helsinki. In the years 2007-2013, he worked in the national Empowerment Project, which created opportunities for autistic people to participate effectively in the parent-dominated autism NGO field, and to be heard in society in general. More recently, in 2015-2016, he has worked in the EU project Autism&Uni, participating in the development of co-design practices, in the context of designing an information website that targets autistic students.

Polish speakers

Bożena Chrostowska

Bożena is a pedagogist, animator, doctor of humanities, lecturer at the Department of Social Pedagogy of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Active initiator of activities that make up the academic community of UWM who are aware of autism and are friendly to people with autism.

Engaged in the activities of Self Help Group of Parents and Carers of People with Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Olsztyn, she is implementing various initiatives for this group of parents, educates the teaching staff and the university to support the education of students with Asperger's Syndrome. Laureate of a nationwide literary competition for a story about people with autism. In recognition of its efforts to create an environment friendly to people with autism, she won the "Godly Imitation" contest in the category of social animator in 2014 and became "Olsztynanka of the Year 2014" in the "Gazeta Wyborcza".

Agnieszka Kossowska

A doctor of humanities, a linguist, a lecturer at the Opole Polytechnic, a german speaker, a sign language instructor, a German sworn translator, a co-author of classroom scripts for disability classes, a coordinator of the "Learning to include" project funded by the US Department of State under Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund 2016.

Private mother of disabled Frank and Natalia, runs a blog about life with a disabled child (, involved in the environment of the disabled.

Katarzyna Mądrzycka-Adamczyk

Artystka, podyplomowa pedagog specjalna, edukatorka. Od 2010 roku pracuje w Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi w Dziale Edukacji tworząc różne działania edukacyjne (warsztaty, wykłady, oprowadzenia) dla osób w każdym wieku.
Prowadzi wojewódzki konkurs interdyscyplinarny Do czterech razy sztuka! łączący zainteresowania i wiedzę z zakresu literatury, historii i wiedzy o sztuce XX i XXI wieku. Współautorka publikacji „Książka do zobaczenia”, z którą można ćwiczyć patrzenie i widzenie, nie tylko odnośnie dzieł sztuki. Część warsztatów jej autorstwa stały się kanwą scenariusza programu Kulturanek (TVP Kultura, reż. A. Frątczak). Tworzy audiodeskrypcje i tyflografiki dzieł sztuki współczesnej dla osób Niewidomych, a także dostosowuje warsztaty dla osób z dysfunkcją wzroku i słuchu oraz z upośledzeniem intelektualnym.
Koordynuje cykliczne wydarzenie Dzień Wolnej Sztuki uzupełniając pięć dzieł biorących udział w akcji o audiodeskrypcje i pomoce dla osób z dysfunkcją wzroku. Posługuje się językiem migowym (PJM) na poziome średniozaawansowanym.

Anna Szostak

Psycholog, mgr Uniwersytetu SWPS w Warszawie i Akademii Wychowania Fizycznego w Warszawie. Pracownik Fundacji SYNAPSIS, prowadzi terapię indywidualną i grupową z młodzieżą i dorosłymi osobami ze spektrum autyzmu, przeprowadza diagnozy w kierunku zaburzeń ze spektrum autyzmu. Posiada ponad trzyletnie doświadczenia pracy, jako psycholog szkolny w szkole dla uczniów z problemami w nauce. Superwizor metody TEACCH i VIT (Wideotrening Komunikacji), uczestniczka kilku wizyt studyjnych w europejskich ośrodkach wspierających dorosłe osoby ze spektrum autyzmu. Ukończyła szkolenie drugiego stopnia w zakresie Terapii Skoncentrowanej na Rozwiązaniu (TSR) . W życiu prywatnym mama dwóch chłopców, amatorka bliskich i dalekich podróży i niezapowiedzianych wyzwań.

Ewa Dobiała

Psychiatrist, certified psychotherapist and supervisor of SNP PTP, specialist in environmental therapy, Erickson hypnotist, certified psychotherapist and trainer in Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP). Polish Association for the Development of Psychotherapy.
During the conference, Ewa will talk about two very important issues: parents/carers relationships with the child from the spectrum in the context of the transition from internal conflict to interpersonal conflict and the use of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy in the therapy of adults with Aspereger syndrome.
It is worth to listen, one of the few Polish doctors and psychotherapists with vast experience in the therapy of people from the spectrum. Let's add - therapy completely without a shadow of violence or coercion...

Joanna Ławicka

Special educator, Ph. D. of social sciences in the field of pedagogy. President of the Prodeste Foundation from Poland. The author of the book for teenenger and adults with autism spectrum "I'm not an alien. I have Asperger's syndrome”. She has published more than 10 articles, book chapters and scenarios of educational games, among others: „Therapeutic aspects of in-depth studies on etiological diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders” (2010), „The use of AAC in the development of self-awareness of people with autism spectrum disorders” (2015). She conducts research on the use of cognitive approach in the treatment of people with autism spectrum disorders and implements innovative solutions based on developmental psychology. She is a passionate about ensuring that people with autism spectrum are an important and valuable part of society. She was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2006 at the age of twenty-eight.

Maja Pawlikowska


She completed Polish studies at Univercity of Łódź and Scenography and Costumes Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź at the Faculty of Textiles and Clothing. From the beginning strongly connected with the world of film and theatrical production cooperating with i.a. Ewa Braun. He is a designer and educator. She has been working in the Department of Education of the Museum of Art in Łódź since 2013. She teaches classes for all age groups, as well as lectures and guiding. He is eager to work with a variety of environmental groups, such as the children of social rehabilitation and youth with special needs. With the pupils of the Youth Education Center No. 3 in Lodz, she completed the socio-cultural project "Coco & Vinci ".
She is the author of scenography for 36 episodes of the program "Kulturanek", produced on behalf of TVP Kultura. In 2013 the authors of the program received the Sybilli Award. He is also the author of scenography for the advertising cycle promoting MS in Łódź with the participation of Jan Peszka, as well as the scenography of the temporary exhibition of the Salon de Fleurus.
Co-author of an innovative publication daring to create and contact an art "See You" (2015).
He speaks PJM at intermediate level.


Art historian and postgraduate educator, teacher. Since 2008 he has been working at the Museum of Art in Łódź in the Education Department. She programs and implements educational activities addressed to all age groups. Particular areas of interest are non-standard lectures on trivial subjects. Believe that to know and understand the art of the present it is good to have a solid foundation and not despise the Italian Renaissance. She is interested in the reaction of the viewer, the listener, the recipient of modern art. She is broken down by the current level of knowledge and interest in culture. He is the content tutor of the Art Knowledge Competition addressed to pupils of junior high schools in the Łódź province and jury of the Art Olympiad. She co-creates training programs for cultural animators and museum educators on behalf of NIMOZ. She is a coauthor of "Books to See" - a set of instructions how to creatively look at reality, not just works of art. Since 2016 he has been working as a coordinator of the Łódź Young Culture and Culture Coalition, as well as contributing to the Polish iteration of the Translocal: Museum as a Toolbox. Her passion for art infects three daughters who spectacularly recognize the neoplastic pattern on the packaging of handkerchiefs in the market.

Paweł Jóźwiak - Rodan

Best known as the author of the screenplay, pictures and director of the documentary film "Mam Dad, God and Satan," which won numerous awards both domestically and internationally - as described in the justification "for masterly use of social and psychological contrasts and the way of entering his family into modern history of Poland.
The film received, among others, the 2nd prize in the short film category at the International Documentary Film Festival DOCUMENTA MADRID. He also directed the short feature film OSIEM9, which was nominated for the East End Film Festival competition in London and won the UNIFEST Audience Award in Madrid. He graduated in directing from the Radio and Television Department of. Krzysztof Kieslowski University of Silesia, and film studies at the University of Lodz. His interests are film, theater, music, literature and religion, and... computer graphics. In the autumn of 2016 Paweł led workshops for young people within OutFilm Festival. See his document from this event and come and listen to what he has to say about working with people with spectrum.

Dorota Listowska-Matera

The parent of a child with Asperger's syndrome, Vice-President of the Foundation "Man, not alien". Master of Human Resource Management, also completed postgraduate studies in pedagogical preparation. Participant of numerous training sessions: "Educational Techniques in Child Labor with Autism spectrum", "Diagnosis and stimulation therapy according to C. Delacato", "Psychological diagnosis of family situation based on systemic family therapy theory". She completed 1st degree in Makaton training. Participant of many conferences like: “(A)utism, (S)exuality, (D)ilemmas”, “From Childhood to Adulthood”, “From Psychoeducation to Relationships”, ”Roads and Bridges”, “The Best Strategies for Learning the Social Skills of People with ASD”. She has worked as a volunteer on rehabilitation programs for families with children from autism spectrum. Actively engaged in social activation of children and youth from the spectrum. In private criminals passionate.

Małgorzata Sekułowicz

Ms. Professor is the head of the Department of Education and Rehabilitation of People with Intellectual Disabilities and the head of the Laboratory of Autism Research at the Institute of Special Education of Lower Silesian College in Wroclaw. At the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw he heads the Department of Clinical Psychology of Children and Youth.
Since 2010 he has been a member of the Central Council for Science and Higher Education, deputy chairman of the Education Commission. By decision the Minister of Science and Higher Education is a Polish representative on the European Network on Teacher Education Policies. Since 2015 he has been a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Educational Research.
Prof. Sekułowicz is a member of numerous Polish and foreign associations and a member of Scientific Councils of international journals. Her research interests are located in particular in the following areas:
- Autistic Spectrum Disorders, including assistance to children and their families, in seeking effective treatments and rehabilitation
- Early rehabilitation intervention,
- Parental stress, coping strategies and the risk of suicide in the parents of children with disabilities;
- Teacher competencies and skills and the risk of professional burnout
She is the author of over 100 articles, 5 books and 10 editions.

Dorota Zawadzka

Developmental psychologist and family counselor. In a long-term lecturer in the chair of developmental psychology and then educational psychology at the Department of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. In addition to the course, she taught own faculties for students "Television for the child" and "The world according to the child”. She works with the Ombudsman for Children. Since July 2011 he has been in the Social Advisory Board. Popularises knowledge in the field of education and developmental psychology through lectures and training for teachers of all types of schools and parents. She co-authored the "Safe Media" project, which resulted in the introduction of television ratings and other age restrictions for TV viewers in 2001, among other things. It gained popularity as the leading program of "Superniania" on TVN in 2006-2008. He sits as a Polish representative in the PEGI (Paneuropean Electronic Games Index), an organization that develops the criteria for awarding computer and video age categories. She was involved in activities supporting the amendment of the Act on the Prevention of Domestic Violence, actively participating in Sejm and Senate committees. Bachelor and member of the Chapter of the Order of the Smile. During our conference we will talk about non-violent upbringing...