Autism and taboo International Conference


It is an inseparable part of the social life, and although people avoid admitting its existence as much as possible… it is out there. A deep, fundamental cultural prohibition surrounded with darkness.

It’s reveal causes violent reactions that are difficult to stop. Taboo is touching, although we would rather not see it. Taboo is hiding, but sooner or later, it is revealed. Mostly in the time we expect it the least.

Oswajamy tabu! 

Autism Spectrum...

We often hear people say, that they don’t know anyone with an autism spectrum. The doctors say, that it is an extremely rare disorder. The teachers say that there are no such students in schools and preschools. Parents say, that you cannot diagnose autism with little children. And people with the spectrum say… that they are afraid to say anything about their development specifics.

Meanwhile, 1% of every community is actually people with an autism spectrum.

Będziemy mówić o tym głośno!

We reveal…

We will speak loudly and boldly. About parenthood of people with an autism spectrum. About addiction. About traumas. About depression and suicides, spirituality, the need of a “normal” life, sexuality and sexual otherness. About hurt, love and unconditional acceptance. About life in the shadow of omnipresent therapy and pressure of change. About revealing your otherness. The taboo surrounding spectrum is huge. It is everywhere, in every aspect of life. It is present in the social aspiration to standardizing everything and everyone. It frightens every part of typicality in the needs and functioning of people with am autism spectrum. Parents with a spectrum hear that they shouldn’t have children. Grown-ups with the spectrum meet the problem of questioning their own sexuality. At every part of their life, people with the spectrum are fighting depression, unfortunately – they might start using definitive measures. Some of them tries to escape with the help of alcohol, drugs, games… Even such positive, you could think – aspects, like love and spirituality have to face violent reactions of the environment. Because how could this be? A love-struck person with an autism spectrum? A person searching for faith? Or consciously rejecting religious traditions? Parents… Caretakers of dependent people, who are searching for a bit of acceptance for their children – little ones and grown-ups. Non-verbal, in a need of a specialist support. We will reveal any taboo zone we can think of.

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Konferencja będzie prowadzona w językach polskim i angielskim. Do dyspozycji słuchaczy będzie pełne, dwukierunkowe tłumaczenie symultaniczne.


Konferencja odbędzie się w Starej Zajezdni
ul. Św. Wawrzyńca 12, 31-060 Kraków

Fotografia reklamowa Bartek Dziedzic

Szczegółowy program konferencji

Saturday, 2. June 2018

9.00 Registration

9.45 - Opening of the conference

Part I: family and enviromental taboo...

10.00 Joanna Dryjańska: „Family on corners – how to avoid toxicity in therapeutic teamwork.
10.30 Niko Nikodem Sadłowski: „Autism in Scotland – models of support for people with Autism Spectrum – from childhood to adulthood."

11.30-12.00 Break - time

12.00 Anna Paruch: „Therapy by love and the lack of it. The influence of family on the development of intellectually impared people with an autism spectrum.”

12.45 Aldona Wrocławska: „Independence within dependence – supporting autonomy and fighting with abuse relative to slef-reliant people”.
13.20 Alicja Hińcza: "Parenthood with ASD in the background."

13.40 - 14.15 Break - time

Part II: Taboo of love and feminism

14.15 Joanna Ławicka: „Love and naivety – should we be like Lisbeth Salander?”
14.45 Ewa Furgał: „Pride and prejudice. Abot autistic experiences of LGBT people”
15.15 Aleksandra Oszczęda:  „Feminine spectrum of borders and needs. Awareness versus overusing."

15.45-16.00 Break - time

Panel III: Taboo of  life and death...

16.00 Ula Ratajczak: "A person with an autism spectrum – in search of identity."
16.30 Anna Pakalska: "Depression disorder and suicide in persons with an autism spectrum"
17.15 Weronika Ławicka: „Crying, laughter and teeth-chattering – about emotions in an autism spectrum”
17.30 Kosma Moczek: „I drink to survive. Addictions in an autism spectrum”
18.00 Ewa Dobiała: "Trauma in ASD. An effect of ignorance or an unavoidable fate?".

19.00 - 22.00 Banquet

Sunday, 3. June 2018

9.45  Opening...

Panel IV: Ethical taboo

10.00 Sylwia Niemowna-Bagińska: "positive message of autism spectrum in the mass media"
10.45 Jacek Dobiała: „Is scientifically approved = right?” About the quality and ethicality o the medical researches”
11.30 Bożena Chrostowska: "Autystyczny coming-out. Czy wychodzić z szafy i jak się przy tym nie poranić."

12.00-13.00 Break-time

Panel V: Taboo of Adulthood and spirituality...

Taboo of Adulthood and spirituality

13.00 Přemysl Mikoláš: „The Meaning of adult people with ASD in supporting families of autistic children”
14.00 Agnieszka Warszawa:„About loneliness for happiness – asociality doesn't have to be anti-social”.
14.20 Michal Roškaňuk: „Tobreak the taboo of normality”
15.20 Michał Tadeusz Handzel:  "Thinking with pictures – a  crucial element of platonism and neo-platonism”
15.55 Marek Stankiewicz: „In search of... Spirituality from the perspective of the autistic spectrum”

16.30 THE END

Scientific committee:

dr Bożena Chrostowska, dr n. med. Rafał Małecki, lek. med. Ewa Dobiała, mgr Ula Ratajczak, mgr Aleksandra Oszczęda, dr Joanna Ławicka

Prelegenci w kolejności wystąpień

Joanna Dryjańska

Polska, Warszawa


She is a Master engineer, garduate of the Warsaw university of technology, professionally however, she is raising three magnificent children, including with ASD and with intellectual disorder. A volunteer in the „Wsparcie na Starcie” foundation (Support at the Beginning), where she drives a telephone for parents and specialists taking care of children with ASD, as well as workshops for employees of psychology-pedagogical clinics and educational institutions. She’s co-running lectures for students of Early Development Support at the APS in Warsaw. She is especially interested with issues of balance and relations in family, emotional support and communication between specialists and parents of children with development problems. She is a long-time caretaker on children’s camps, where she familiarizes the topic of disabilities along with  her younger son. She’s the co-author of of the „Student with an Asperger Syndrome in a public school” guide as well as the „Infant: Care, Acceptance, Safety, Learning” monograph. She took part in the „DrOmnibus” action called „Equal in diversity”, where she published the article „Feeling storm. How to raise a healthy sibling of a disabled child” She took part in training and workshops for parents, but in reality she is definitely a mother, and not a therapist to her children.

Niko Nikodem Sadłowski

Szkocja, Edinburgh


A father of the autistic Max and the neurotypical Livia, a blogger at, author of the „Slowo na A” book („The A word”), laureate of the Student of the Year award at the early school and preschool pedagogics field at the Edinburgh college. He used to work with children and grown-ups with autism spectrum amd other development disorders. He observed support systems from the perspective of a pedagogue, a father and a therapist. A Rock’n’roller, a veteran „kindergarten teacher”a father in full steam, a student of his autistic son Max and the biggest fan of his daughter Livia. A booster of co-parenting. He believes in full-steam life no matter what.

Anna Paruch

Polska, Kraków

Working in the social welfare home was the reason to turn her life upside down. She decided to be a mom of two incredible boys by the same name: Wojtek. Both are disabled intellectually, both have a spectrum, and on tip of that, younger Wojtek has an extra chromosome. Both are grown-ups already.  Their mom is close to the idea of „Violence-free Understanding” and „Parenthood of Intimacy” She is the founder of the „Lanowa” group, responsible for catechization and getting intellectually disabled people ready for sacraments. It is also a place, where intellectually disabled people, who live everyday in the social welfare home, have a chance for a substitute of closeness thanks to their wonderful volunteers. For the last few years she tried to share her experience in supporting children and adults with intellectual disorders. She runs a blog named „DlaDwochTakichCoUkradliSerce”, where she shows, that life in such a family can be very colorful, and it has no lack of happiness.

Aldona Wrocławska

Polska, Łódź

Master oligofrenopedagogue, a therapist to children with an autism spectrum. A musician by passion, an instrumientalist at playing the violin. She’s a mentor of the „Zawodowe Zaprzyjaźnianie się” („Professional Friendship”) project, giving an essential and emotional support to adult women with an autism spectrum, who want to find their vocation in their dream job, at the job market. Between 2001 and 2017 she studied at fields of study related to pedagogics and therapy at the Musical Academy by the name of G. and K. Bacewicz in Lodz, the humanistic-economical Academy in Lodz and the University of Lodz. She’s a member of numerous trainings and workshops, and she’s also involved in volounteer projects of an advisory character. In her daily life, she’s a preschool pedagogue and a mom to a charming 7-year old girl with an autism spectrum.

Alicja Hińcza

Polska, Pępowo Kartuskie

She’s a literature expert, a philosopher and a Montessori teacher of education; a musician by passion, a violinist in the „Fascynacja” music band. She’s a mother of two wonderful children. Shed diagnosed with an Asperger syndrome, and she’s an author the „Parent with ASD in bacground...” blog.

Ula Ratajczak

Polska, Opole

A specialist pedagogue, a neurological speech therapist and a family mediator. She finished the course of Children’s clinical neurological speech therapy in the light of modern neuro-physiological knowledge – strategies of diagnosis-therapy procedures based upon NDT-Bobath standards an the International School of Developmental Baby Massage & Movement in London with a specialization of baby massage instructor. She’s a producer of activities and workshops, as part of the Generator foundation project callled: „Moj przyjaciel film” („My friend – the movie”). She’s an author of dialogues with Janusz Zaorski, Anna Dymna and Bohdan Smolen about therapy and the role of theatre in therapy to the internet portal Betweem 2014 and 2016 she was a coordinator of the medial education as part of the projects „Medi@lnie z autyzmem”, „Summer Art Academy”, and „A friendly museum for people with an autism spectrum” She’s the organizer of the first film festival for people with autism spectrum „Outfilm” she’s a coach and an instructor. She’s also an author of articles in the „Characters magazine” as part of the psychotherapy specialization in the mainstream of the „Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy."

Ewa Furgał

Polska, Kraków

An anti-discriminational educator of equality, a co-funder of the „Przestrzen Kobiet” foundation (Space for Women), where she runs the Archive of the History of Women. She’s the co-author of of studies and reports about the social situation of the non-heterosexual women living beyond the biggest cities in Poland, the editor of publications about history of women. In the past, she was a member and a founder of the Antidiscrimation Education Association, as well as as member of the Amnesty International Association. She's a graduate of the international relations at the Umniversity of Lodz, as well as gender studies and editing at the Jagiellonian University. She also finished the STOP coach school and the Specialist Social Facilitation School for Fighting Discrimination TEA.
She's a laureate of Polcul foundation Award for civic activity, the author of the „Dziewczyna w spektrum” blog and the originator of the project for unemployed women with an Asperger Syndrome called „Zawodowe Zaprzyjaznianie sie” („Professional Friendship”) accepted by the Incubator of Social Innovation Transfer HUB. She receivedhte Asperger Syndrome diagnosis in 2015, at the age of 36.

Aleksandra Oszczęda

Polska, Opole

A specialist pedagogue and a musical therapist. She finished the Musical Academy of Lodz and hte field of specialist pedagogics in in the Lower Silesian College of Wroclaw. Since 2009, she runs a therapy for people with an autism spectrum in the cognitive stream. She is especially interested in searching for effective techniques for developing self-consciousness and social thinking for people i any age. She's the author of the „Usefulness of experimental task samples in the process of the diagnosis of children with a suspicion of ASD” chapter in the book „Man and aurism” under hte editorial office of J. Kocki, and A. Kicinski. Between 2016 and 2017 she was a coordinator and a coach of the „Friendly Museum for people with autism” project, about which she will tell at hte conference.

Joanna Ławicka

Polska, Opole

A specialist pedagogue, a social studies doctor in terms of pedagogics. She's a chairman of the board of the Prodeste Foundation since 2013 and hte author of the popular book „I'm not an alien. I have an asperger syndrome. She has been working in the foundation ever since it was founded. She's not easy in teamwork, she keeps looking for new ideas and solutions. She completes her tasks with truly deadly persistance. She is demanding – mostly towards herself. She finished the Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity at the field of Specialist Pedagogics in Poznan as well as doctoral studies at the Historical-Pedagogical department in Opol. She took part in numerous trainings, courses, science conferences. In 2016 she represented her foundation at the 11th Autism-Europe Congress in Edinburgh.

Anna Pakalska

Polska, Gdańsk

a specialist in children and young people’s psychiatry, master of psychology. A graduate of the medical department at the Medical University of Gdansk (2004) and the social studies department at the University of Gdansk. (2005, department of psychology). In 2010 she defended her dissertation at the Medical University of Gdansk. She finished a 2-year training of psychotherapy, preparing for the certification exam, recomnmended by the Polish Psychiatric Association. She also took international interships at the Children’s Neurology department in Thessaloniki, Greece and at the psychiatry district at the St. Thomas Hospital in London, UK. She's a member of the Autism – Europe Association and a graduate of the National Music Academy of the 2nd degree by the name of Karol Szymanowski in Torun at the piano class. For many years she worked in diagnosis and therapy of children and young people. She incessantly helps children with development disorders. She also runs lectures and trainings at children's psychiatrics and psychopharmacology for students, professionals and parents. She's an author and co-author of several publications about psychopathology of the developmental age as well as numerous papers delivered at polish and international conferences. She's professionally connected to the Daytime Department for Young People at the Health Centre of Gdansk. She also runs her own medical practice.

Weronika Ławicka

Polska, Opole-Wrocław

She's a developing artist at the graphic design field, she has a passion for psychology, sociology, pedagogics, informatics, mathematics and cats. She vigilantly watches reality and people. Since the last few years she's a volunteer at the Prodeste foundation, and since a long time, she's active on the internet and at conferences as a representative of people with an autism spectrum. Recently, she started a blog about autism and teenage life with it called „Made in Abyss. She's rather quiet than exuberant, she prefers minimalism and abstraction, she's always surrounded by chaos, which however she can control. In childhood she was diagnosed with entire disorder of an autism spectrum and ADHD.

Kosma Moczek

Polska, Łódź

A professional IT specialitst, an analogue photographer at heart, an eccentric by nature, a beginner violinist and an enthusiast of sailing on any water area larger than 1 square meter. A renaissance man, a former alcoholic and a certified genius. He's a defender of those, who cannot defend themselves and a spokesman for those, who cannot speak for themselves. He's a living proof for the fact, that autism and extroversion can make an explosive mix./p>

Ewa Dobiała

Polska, Leszno

A psychiatry specialist, a certified psychotherapist and supervisor-applicant SN PTP. A specialist in environmetal therapy, a coach of transcultural positive psychotherapy. She finished the comprehensive training of psychotherapy in the Polish Ericksonowski Institute, trainings in the Pomeranian Institute of Neurolinguistics and the 4-year training of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy. She's part of a teachers' team in the Institute of Psychoterapy in Wroclaw and the Positive Psychotherapy Centre In Wroclaw. She's also a member and the founder of the Polish Asociation of Psychotherapy Development, a member of the Polish Psychiatric Asociation, Section of Psychotherapy and Environmental Psychiatry as well as the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP). Whilke working with her patient, she integrates her clinic experiences of a psychiatrist with her psychotherapeutic work, connecting ericksonowski hypnotherapy with positive hypnotherapy, as well as strategic and system attitude.

Sylwia Niemowna-Bagińska

Irlandia, Dungannon

An Autism Advocate, a mother and friend to a certain boy, for whom she created „therapy without therapy”. She's the author of the „Miki Little Aspie” blog, a place, where a society with spectrum integrates. She's the promoter and originator of AspiePozytywnych society. She's a volunteer in the Team Aspie organization, gathering teens in autism spectrum. She's a member of the local department of the National Autistic Society. Years ago, she used to be a volunteer of a local organization for women called „First Steos Womenn's Centre”. She's positive, energetic and focused on the possibilities and motivations of children, young people and parents with an autism spectrum. She's a helpful, open and creative leader. She propagizes individual approach and breakingany norms and barriers, when it comes to autism.

Jacek Dobiała

Polska, Leszno

A specialist neurologist, a practical doctor, firmly basing upon the Evidence Based Medicine. Every day he works in the Neurological Department with the Stroke Subdivision in Leszno. He's also cooperating with the Multispecialist Neuroposychiatric-Rehabilitation Team, working with diagnosing and therapy of people with an autism spectrum. He's a ruthless enemy of shamanism and pseudotherapy.

Bożena Chrostowska

Polska, Olsztyn

A pedagogist, animator, trainer, a doctor of humanistic sciences and a lecturer in the Social Pedagogics Cathedral of the Warmia-Mazury University in Olsztyn. She's an active initiator and producer of activities, creating a UWM academic environment, that is aware of autism and friendly for people with autism. Since October 2017 she works at the academy as the coordinator of educational supprort of students with ZSA.She's the author science publications about problematics with autism at the pedagogical perspective She engaged in the Self-Assistance Group for Parents and Caretakers of People with Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Olsztyn. She achieves various initiatives forthis group o parents. She trains a pedagogical team and a university team in the educational support of pupils and students with ZSA. Every day, she's also a co-editor of the literary magazine. She's responsible for the poetry part. Sometimes she writes poems and stories.

Přemysl Mikoláš


Premysl Mikolas is a children and young people's psychologist, a certified psychotherapist with a 10-year experience of children and young people with ASD and ADHD, as well as children with psychic deprivation. He's a graduate of psychology in one department and the versatile, accredited psychotherapeutic training of Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic in terms of Transformatic System Therapy , according to Virginia Satir. Since 2010 he's part of the supporting group for caretakers i the Moravian-Silesian Region, and sice 2016, also in the Liberec region. Privatley, he's cooperating with ADAM – autistic children, and we cooperate with Havirova, an Autism Therapy Centre in Prague. Between 2007 and 2016 he was a psychologist of the Specialist Pedagogical Centre for Children and Young People with ASD and speech disorders in Ostrawa.

Agnieszka Warszawa

Polska, Łódź

An IT specialist, self-advocate in the space of autism, a person with an Asperger syndrome. She believes that the world is wordy. She prefers alternative forms of communication and expression. She's a designer and artist of education, currently a medical IT specialist in the Psychic Health Clinic. She's a passionate of the Star Trek ideology, as well as physics, neurology, neuropsychology and classical music.

Michal Roškaňuk


The initiator of the „Adventor” association, focusing people with autism spectrum in the Czech Republic. He's an advisor, usually supporting families with an autism spectrum, cooperating with numerous specialists around the Czech Republic. He's interested in communication processes and cognitive aspects of human behacior. Thanks to his specific way to observe the world and people with an asperger syndrome, he shows non-autistic people, what paths should they take in order to efficiently communicate with people with an autism spectrum. He's the organizer of numerous educational, artistic and sport projects. He's also an assistant to teachers and a caretaker for children with an autism spectrum. He raised two children and he's always pleased to help other people.

Michał Tadeusz Handzel

Polska, Kraków

OSPPE, a doctor of theology in terms of Christian philosophy (PWT in Wroclaw), a scientific licencionate of practical thrology (PWTin Wroclaw), a master of pastoral psychology (PAT in Cracow); a common member of The International Society for the Study of Occasionalism, The Polish Theological Association (Philosophical Section), The Polish Thomas of Aquin Association; a member of correspondence of The Spinoza Society of Canada; the co-worker of the Science-Pedagogical Skoworodoznastwo Centre functioning by the National Pedagogical University by hte name of Hryhorij Skoworoda in Prejaslaw Chmielnicki (Ukraine); he's a lecturer of the history of philosophy and metaphysics at the Higher Spiritual Seminar of the Paulins Monastery; he's interested in the thought of Hryhorij S. Skoworoda, thomistic ethics, fphilosophy of the language, mental philosophy and natural theology. Besides science, he's a Roman catholic priest, working pastorally by the Smaller Basilica at Skalka in Cracow, he's a member of the Association for people with Asperger Syndtrome and their families „Jestem ZA”.

Marek Stankiewicz

Polska, Suwałki

A field biologist, at heart, a photographer of lifetime passion. As he says, „I'm an Aspie, I have an
Asperger Syndrome, I have an autism Spectrum – whatever you call it. Through photography and his blog „Photography and Asperger” he tries to show people how he sees and responds to the world. Since a certain time, he's also helping people wit autism by working as a pedagogist (He finished oligophrenopedagogy) at a school for children with ASD.

Partnerzy konferencji

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